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Found red and white small sailboat has been washed up on Mascoma Heights Beach for a few months now. If it is yours, please come and retrieve. If you are not sure where the beach is, contact me at 603-252-1454

Who Found/Lost: KWalsh Posted: 08/08/17

News & Events JUL 17th

Annual Meeting Sat. July 28th

9-10:30am. Harry will MC, all committees will present, there will be voting on financial support of the Mascoma Lakeside Park, Enfield town manager Ryan Aylesworth will speak. Please come, pay your dues if you haven't already, and we'll see you there!

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Local News JUL 22nd

Dartmouth Runs Off Professors, Gives Few Details of Misconduct

Hanover — When Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon informed the Dartmouth community last week that a third professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences had left the college rather than be fired, it concluded a trio of interna...

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