Loon Census Report 2014

2014 NH Loon Census Results

10 September 2014

Dear Census Participant,

Thank you for your participation in the 2014 Loon Census! Your observations continue to be an

important part of our monitoring program. The census is a "snapshot in time" in the middle of

the breeding season and the results are rolled into our season-long monitoring. Vermont, Maine

and New York also conduct a loon census on the same day. This event is a great way to generate

more interest about loons in the lake community and ways to protect them. We could not do this

without your help!

This year, 626 observers covered 133 of New Hampshire's lakes during the annual count on July

19th. This represents the biggest turnout in at least the last eight years! We also had more than

40 new participants this year; some of these folks are active volunteers in our field program but

may not have participated in the census previously. The census has also become a tradition to

some-Swain's Lake in Barrington saw the 4th generation participate! There were coordinated

efforts on thirteen of our largest lakes that accounted for more than half of all participants. On

the bird side of things, a total of 549 adult loons were tallied, 12 immature loons and 91 loon

chicks. The number of adult loons and loon chicks counted were higher this year, but in 2013

there were 30 fewer observers so some loons may have been missed.

Preliminary numbers from our season-long monitoring saw an increase in both territorial pairs

and nesting pairs as a result of LPC's intensive management. Seventy percent (70%) of the

territorial pairs nested (laid at least one egg) and hatched 197 chicks. More than half of the

chicks hatched came from nest sites protected by signs and ropeline. See the upcoming fall

newsletter (due out before Thanksgiving) for a detailed recap of 2014 breeding season.

If you would like to receive our e-newsletter send an email to volunteers@loon.org or sign-up on

our website (www.loon.org). We are always happy to hear about other loon activity throughout

the summer. Please feel free to contact us anytime to let us know what you are seeing on your


On behalf of everyone at LPC, thank you again for participating in our annual count!

Susie Burbidge John Cooley Chris Conrod

Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator Senior Biologist Staff Biologist

Read about: Legislation_to_protect_loons.pdf

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