Board of Directors

Allison Flint, President
Paul Hartnagel, Vice President
David Beaufait, Secretary
Gary Gaudette, Treasurer

Karen Hambleton, membership
Martha Nelson - newsletter editor and membership
Peter Swanson, website
Andrea Kangas
Ann Corr
Tom Bonardi - SS Milfoil care
Patty Murray
Bud Lynch 
Rob Malz
Nadine Goyette
Sandy Haynes
Kim Potter


Mascoma Lake Association PO Box 9 Enfield, New Hampshire 03748

News & Events SEP 29th

In Memory of Bill Martin and Ray Buskey

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Local News DEC 16th

To Your Good Health: The Lowdown on Hepatitis Vaccines, Past and Present

Dear Dr. Roach: I have some questions about hepatitis vaccines. I live in Los Angeles, and have recently seen a few articles in the local paper about an outbreak of hepatitis A in the area. I went to my hospital and requested the hepatitis A vaccine....

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