Board of Directors

Allison Flint, President
Paul Hartnagel, Vice President
David Beaufait, Secretary
Gary Gaudette, Treasurer

Karen Hambleton, membership
Martha Nelson - newsletter editor and membership
Peter Swanson, website
Andrea Kangas
Ann Corr
Tom Bonardi - SS Milfoil care
Patty Murray
Bud Lynch 
Rob Malz
Nadine Goyette
Sandy Haynes
Kim Potter


Mascoma Lake Association PO Box 9 Enfield, New Hampshire 03748

News & Events AUG 8th

The Answers on Bass Weed

At the MLA annual meeting and in many conversations around the lake this summer, people have been asking about the expanding growth of bass weed - and Martha and David have some answers ...

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Local News AUG 20th

Utah Futurist Rebrands NewVistas Effort

Royalton — David Hall, the Utah engineer who envisions a planned settlement of thousands in four White River Valley towns, is renaming his operation here as he works to overcome local opposition to his plans.Even as Hall shifts his attention from a...

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